April 2018 - Page II - Attack Of The Screws

Dome Stuff
Ring and Thing..

So this week I decided to have a go with the lazy susan and this lower ring. What a load of fun I had with this and by fun I made unnecessary annoyance. Having to re-read the messages from Sam again, the lower ring isn't a lower ring per say. It's from a light fitting that was close which I find pretty cool! I marked it out, drilled the holes and was able to mount it to my frame.

Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan

Next was time for the lazy susan. I knew this needed cleaning inside because it was having a tough time going round. I took the bearings out but silly old me forgot to buy lubricant! I had WD40 but judging by the answers I got from the forum I was ready to go bury it in the garden haha! I wiped down the ball bearings and inside the lazy susan but it still doesn't spin very well but I'm sure that's because there is no lubricant in there. I will be ordering the plastic Derlin ball bearings to replace them since they are self lubricating as well!

Body Ring With Susan
Body Ring

After that, I didn't have any bolts that I have seen stuck through the lazy susan which attach to the dome. I don't have a dome but I was feeling left out so I stuck some screws in there. Ouch! Next lesson I learnt was never have screws facing up in the open. If you ever do, put some tape around them to prevent the cuts! Blood is hard to get out of wood sometimes haha. The thing I found about the gear system was that it was slightly too small for my lazy susan so I completely gave up and never touched my droid again. HA! Gotcha! I was able to put more screws in via the holes on the inner ring of the lazy susan. Putting them in the same way you'd tune a drum kit (opposites) I was able to get all the screws in and the 3D printed gear system was just flexible enough to stretch and now fits! I'm still not sure if I'll use this particular one but it's a start!