April 2018 - Page III - Revenge Of The Plans

Second Leg
Making My Own Legs

Wow, a lot happened this month... oh well it makes up for nothing happening really last month I guess! So what else happened? Well my parents were sorting out their garage and discovered a ton of old but good wood. Wood from old bed frames, wardrobes, drawers etc. They asked me if it would be any good to me before it goes to the tip, hey call me a scrounger but I took everything they had, I just left it in exactly the same place until I needed it....

I decided to make some temporary legs! Well why not right? I can't afford any at the moment, I want to learn how to make parts and I had what I needed so of course, why not?! Truth be told I underestimated building legs from scratch and I take my beanie off to the people who make these by hand. I marked everything out, drew on some wood, measured, drew again, measured again. I'm half tempted to download all the plans and re-upload them with the none-American units of measurement! It caught me out so many times, thinking I'm working in mm but finding I'm actually reading inches!

Anyway to cut a long story short the wood wasn't wide enough. About 2 inches (5.08 cm) short in fact. Since they are only temporary legs I cheated a bit. The wood I am using is from a bed frame and it has plenty of little dowels in it. Ideal for joining some wood together with a bit extra strength wouldn't you say?

Clamping Legs
Budget Clamps...

Using the SilverSil glue, I stuck them together and clamped them, well sort of since my clamps were too small I used... different methods. Apparently I got 10/10 for ingenuity!

Glueing Legs
I'm not that tight!

So I did this for 2 legs but the part about the leg goes wider at the bottom before it goes into the triangle part threw me off. " (>===[]> " Something like that right? Amway about a week later I told myself to stop being worried about doing something encase it doesn't work. I marked and cut it, I had to loose about 5 inches (12.7 cm) in length though otherwise R2 would have been selected for the Globe Trotters with the length of his legs! At this point I was sanding down, straightening edges and what not until I could find time to cut the other