April 2018 - Page IV - A New Leg

Clamping Second Leg
They came out alright!

So today I finally cut out the other leg, and they are now clamped together gluing on top of each other. I have broken two clamps holding it down whilst I cut and sanded it... I mean, two clamps suddenly vanished from my house! I was looking for some wood glue, couldn't find any. Found PVA Glue which said it was good for wood gluing as well. Spend about 2 hours wondering if I should do it. Well I did it as I had no other method that I could use without going to the show. I stuck them together and in the morning I will see if they have glued correctly and if they have I will stand them both down, so they are the same. My cuts with the jigsaw aren't exactly going to put laser cutters out of business but you get the idea.

Clamping Legs
Clamp Clamp Clamp!

Whilst writing this and talking about PVA Glue I actually remember that in the room directly below me I have a brand-new tube of Gorilla Glue which would have been better. If the PVA doesn't hold then I will pull them apart and re-glue with the Gorilla Glue. As well as clamped I have taped and put plenty of screws in to hold it together while it dries and I will fill the holes in and sand it down when it's ready.

Test Fitting First Leg
Test Fitting!

If you are at all wondering why I am making temporary legs, it's because first I want to know how to do them for future builds. Secondly I want to continue to tinker inside my droid whilst I save for real legs. I want to experiment with the 2-3-2 feature and wouldn't want to risk that with the real legs. Plus if I can get these roughly correct then they would make good spare legs or templates.