April 2019

Sci-Fi Scarbrough Prep
First Event!

The long wait is finally over! I'm went to Sci-Fi Scarborough with my family this month. It was absolutely fantastic seeing the other builders, their droids chatting to them and getting an up close a personal look at their droids. It's one thing to see images, videos even chatting over Facebook and the Forums however it is so much better to actually be there! I got quite a bit of praise on my R2 with some suggestions etc. And then. oh and then my R2 was target practice for Lee's Tank Droid... I think I've exaggerated that a bit aha. By target practice I mean he was driving his new droid around and I think the gap was a bit smaller than he thought, and he ran into my R2. No damage other than a slight chip on his skin which wasn't a bit deal really. The day was fantastic and I do wish I could have stayed but me and my son play basketball on Sundays, and I was really looking forward to watching his first game! His team won just FYI. Click Here to see the rest of the images and videos from Scarbrough.


With Sci-Fi Scarborough now over, until next year ;), my next event is a more personal one, you may have heard me talking about my local Star Wars Inspired Coffee Shop — Echo 3 well May 4th is kind of their adopted birthday and therefore it only makes sense to have a May the Fourth Day Event. We are getting the 99th Garrison down and I'm hoping R2 can make an appearance either moving or stationary. I went and got some more plans printed for his skins following my mishap of gluing them the wrong way round to find that the styrene I had left over was about 5mm too short... after ordering more I proceeded to find a full sheet hidden behind my sofa...

Gonky The Gonk Droid
Gonky The Gonk Droid

After having so much fun at Scarborough I started up building a stationary Gonk Droid with my son. He really wanted to help with R2 however he doesn't quite understand how it works and sadly doesn't have the attention span to build a droid just yet. I did tell him that it wasn't something that is done overnight and the first steps of cutting out some of the lettering and cutting some styrene he got a bit bored of watching me do it but hopefully it'll be a bit more interesting next time!

Custom Dome Electronics

I did a thing! I made some custom logic displays (I know they're red) but it's a start! Just got to refine the code and find correct colors to match R2, think this one will have to be an RGB and I'm not sure if I will have to define each LED color... but it works!