August 2018

Dry Fitting The Skins

This month has been a month of ups and downs for R2. The downside is that my 3D is giving me a whole boat load of problems! Prince seem to be getting to about 150 mm from the bed and then messing up! Almost like the layers stick together perfectly and then around 150 mm they just stop sticking together, wasted so much filament on failed prints and I'm getting to the end of my rope with this bloody printer. After the advice of my good friend Darren from the UK Forum, he advised me to get some mirrors as the tempered glass that comes with the printer can often be warped resulting in rubbish prints. Did that, and still having problems!

Hopefully I can get this sorted soon, on to the more cheery notes though, I got my front skins fitted! I messed up the rear skins, I glued them the wrong way and the rear Octagon Port is now on the wrong side. Before you say it, yes that is a problem because one side if for that octagon port, the other is for a side vent and it is a bigger hole so one of the ring supports is clearly visible which sucks.

Front Skins
First Prints..

I have also just gone and bought some paint, Halfords had absolutely no paint at all which I was very surprised at! I decided to go to Wilkinsons and picked up some Rustling paint just to see how it goes and get a bit of practice in! I have also decided that to fit my skins, I will screw them in and fill over the holes however I do still need some glue of some sort to stick the side parts down where I can't screw them in, I can't seem to find any glue in a large amount that firstly doesn't cost a small fortune and secondly doesn't expand whilst it drys!


R2-D2 also speaks! I got my Padawan360 system hooked up and he works! I haven't got any batteries yet so he is getting his power via the USB port from my laptop and I didn't have any small speakers, so I kind of...well watch the video and you'll see! It's all about making do with what you have my friends!!