August 2019

R2UK Group Photo
R2UK !!!!

R2UK was quite simply one of the greatest experience of my life. The biggest droid building event in the UK and it was absolutely fantastic. I spent the whole three days there with the builders family and has seriously withdrawal symptoms when it was time to go. I'd like to say a big thank you to Darren P who gave me a lift there and back and of course to my wonderful other half to took me to Darren's and then picked me up again.

Seeing everyone again, meeting new people and finally putting forum names to faces was a great feeling but seeing all the droids was simply fantastic. I also had the honor of driving Darren's R2 unit around the driving course (I didn't stay in last place for long!) as well chatting away to everyone, seeing BB-8, R2's R5's D-0's and loads more. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you can get to an event, go! Seriously if you haven't started your droid or whatever your status is it really doesn't matter, seeing pictures and even videos have nothing on being able to get up close and personal with the droids, asking your specific questions taking pictures of exactly what you want and getting the help you need.

Photo courtesy of Wayne Allen - Check out his pictures.

R2's Current State
Where do I go with R2?

As per usual, after an event I had a sudden motivational buzz and began thinking about where exactly I wanted to go with R2, my decision was to replace the current drive system with the chain drive, so I'm currently finding out what parts I need for that and sadly I couldn't edit the motors I had, so I'm going to have to re-order the correct motors. I ordered a resin radar eye from DJ Designs and that arrived very quickly, after a quick sand it looks great! I'm going to stick some sanding paper on R2's dome when I get some more and sand it down so it sits flush on the head.

I like DJ Designs because he makes CS:L as well as some CS:R and that has been where I've gone wrong, I've got the CS:L Senna frame, but I was trying to make CS:R parts work and obviously that won't work, so I think due to forgetting the parts difference I got rather disheartened with it but this has fired me back up!

T3 Head

I took T3's lower head to R2UK with me, I would have had his upper head as well if I hadn't of had so many printer issues but everyone who saw his head commented on how great it looked and how smooth it was! the main comment was that it's a lot bigger than people thought! Since I got back I have completed the head and I am currently working on printing the top panel. I need to make a few adjustments to it but on a whole it's going really well!

Deffuser Holder V2
Custom Ideas

I've decided I need to redesign my PSI Holders, the original idea would have been fine if I had a 2 Legged droid but since mine is 3 legged and will be driving around, after the May 4th event it occurred to me that the current design isn't suitable since it's fighting the weight of the LED Matrix as well as gravity itself and it's only held in my "tightness". My next design will have the legs attached to the holder for the matrix and a back plate that is detachable via screws to hold it in place. That's not a massive job really it's just finding the time to do it! As soon as T3 is at a point where I don't have to print a lot of parts for him I'll be able to get my printer back. I really don't know what I'll do when I finish printing all the parts for the droids, what else is a 3D Printer for?!