February 2020

Quote of No Progress
Catch Up

Things are pretty quiet at the moment, I have a lot of plans but not much progress is being made sadly. Most of it is down to money, I simply don't have enough at the moment which sucks! For the most part I'm doing what I can but it does hit your motivation pretty hard!

Restraining Bolt
Restraining Bolt

First thing I was able to do was fire up the 3D Printer which hasn't seen any action in about 4 months. I used the last bit of filament I had and printed a pretty restraining bolt! Came out very nicely and I'm quite pleased that after the printer mostly being used to put things on, I didn't need to do anything to it when I fired it up, the restraining bolt is literally fresh off the bed.

Car Window Sticker
Car Sticker

So as you may or may not know, I passed my driving test in December and got a car, from which I was able to attend the Builders Meet hosted by Mark Leigh which was great. Since I'll be driving my droid around now I felt I had to get something for my car that allowed me to let me know I'll be unloading and loading droids. I present this wonderful car window sticker by Mike Berry - Vinyl Designs

New Leg
Leg Work

Not only did I manage to print something, I decided enough was enough and it started doing what I could. That said I took R2 even more to bits and took one of his legs out to the shop and went to work. Removing the awful 3D prints was the first step, since they were printed before I changed my hot end out, they were pretty brittle already so they snapped straight off.

Next thing was removing the paint, went with some Nitromors in the end as trying to sand the paint off was just screwing up my sandpaper. I nipped out and purchased some 80 grit sandpaper and once I'd scraped the paint off, or at least as much as I could, I sanded the rest and it was extremely satisfying watching all those imperfections get removed. Used some of the car body filler to fill in all the chips and dents and what not and kept on sanding. His first leg is now very smooth and I'm am tempted to wrap it in styrene as well just for an extra smooth finish, at least that way if I want to change the colours I can just remove the styrene if I don't want to paint it and then all I have to do is clean up the glue on the wood from the styrene.