July 2019

Mouse Droid
The printer is fixed!

Finally, got my printer fixed! Turned out to be a short from the factory on the hot end cables and all it took was a bit of electrical tape between the connectors!! Decided to print some scaled droids as testers, ended up printing a mouse, R9, Chopper, C-3PO, and a Pit Droid!

Dome Collage
Dome Repaint

R2 has certainly taken a back burner for now until I can think of exactly where to go with him. I’m half-and-half in terms of what I want to do with him, sometimes things work and seem good but other times they simply don’t work. I decided to repaint the dome as well and took on this task with my brother, after sticking his radar eye on in the wrong place originally I patched the holes really roughly, weathered him a bit too much and just overall didn’t like how his dome turned out.

I’m still not 100% sure what “type” of R2 I’m wanting, so I think I’m going to mix it up, have an ANH styled dome and then experiment with the rest!