May 2020

Sci-Fi Scarbrough Prep
JustGiving for Pedge

Most of you will have seen, our good friend and fellow builder Pedge recently had some bad news. I won't go into details here because you can read about it on the actual page but we're collecting money to pay for some medication for him. You can read about it here

Sanded Frame

Stage one of stripping the frame - Check! Stage two of sanding it back a bit, getting rid of all the glue still on there, filling the screw holes etc - Check!

3D Club Spec Parts

The problem I have had with most of my 3D Printed Parts is they're all MrBaddeley parts. His parts are great, don't get me wrong but I can't use them. Reason being, his parts are modelled after CS:R spec whereas I'm using CS:L. Yes some parts I probably could get away with as they are compatible however something to also remember is that he has made these parts for a 3D Printed droid, not a wooden framed droid. I'm having a go at the Club 3D Parts to see how they match up.

Fitted Part

You remember when I first put my frame together? All those years ago? And there was that one part that simply wouldn't fit no matter what I tried? I made it fit. Turns out I needed to pull the frame back appart and force it in, pretty tight fit though so hopefully a couple of screws will keep it in place.

Cutting out new sides

Here I have bought some 18mm thick hardwood plywood from Wickes, Traced the existing ones and double checked the measurements, cut out using the circular saw and finished with a router. It was the first time using a router so it was a bit messy but other than that it wasn't too bad!

Finished Side Plates

A video of the finished legs all back into the frame!