October 2018 - Psst... My birthday month!

Droid Builders Database
Droid Builders Database

November has been a slow month for R2 and then droids in general. Coming up to Christmas and I have recently left my three jobs in favor of one job doing what I love to do which is Website and Software work. Bit of a pay cut for now but it'll be worth it!

I did have the idea of creating a Droid Database. That's probably the wrong word for it since it's not about droids, but more about the Droid Builder Clubs. I'm rather proud of it in all honesty, it's listed on the T3 Builders website and gives names, locations, social media links and website links to all the builders clubs that are known in the world. You can head over there, search your town/ country or even the droid you want to build and it will give you a list of the clubs related to your search terms.

R2UK Withdrawal

I was having some major withdrawal symptoms from R2UK this month as well, I think all the builders get that after such a brilliant event, very excited for the next one and hopefully I'll have more droids to bring this time! The thing that I loved most was the people, the droids were brilliant, even the WIP (work in progress) ones that didn't move or didn't do anything, the people on the other hand treated you so kindly, this was my first actually meeting most of them in person, yet they treated me as if they've known me for many years, the community of Droid Builders is simply one big family and everyone treats you like family which is an amazing feeling to me.

Row of Omni Wheels
Omni Wheels

You may recall, if one of my previous posts I had some trouble printing the omni wheels due to a mysterious layer shift. I decided to give them another go, and they started to come out great now. I have now got the first row of omni wheel frames for the center foot complete and just awaiting more filament and the rods to use as the axle for the wheels. I've also given a single print Ankle Cylinder that I stuck together and came out rather nice. I do need to fine tune my printer settings to try to remove some of the obvious layer lines when printing edges or pieces that are on a bit of a slant.