September 2019

New Holo Projectors
New Holo Projectors

Since I'm redoing a lot of parts, I'm probably going to go with more of an "A New Hope" type look. Going to the extra length of really sanding things down and making them super smooth. I really do love this fine sanding sponge that I bought from Halfords, very fine one that's used on cars and it makes any of my prints feel like polished glass!

Spent a couple of days on this HP, the parts at the top are proving difficult because the gaps are so small and I'm too cheap to buy a proper file so it's a case of folder sand paper and using every part possible! It's time-consuming but gives a good result! Need to buy more primer and spray paint and then hopefully it'll be one down two to go!

R2's Current State
T3 & The Battery Boxes

As you know I've been spending a lot of time on T3 lately and R2 has taken a back burner, I did make a start before I began T3 on one of his battery boxes and it didn't turn out so great so I need to strip the paint off, not sure if I will sand it off or maybe use a paint stripper but I'd have to check if it will ruin the PLA if I use it. Need to refill it since the last filler I used didn't really fill it very well and then I need to finish the last box and figure out how they attach.